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Recreational Vehicles

RV Basic Exterior Wash
$50.00Rinse exterior of RV, apply soap, rinse off soap, squeegie dry.
RV Premium Exterior Wash
$75.00Rinse exterior of RV, apply soap, rinse off soap, hand dry.
RV Scum Removal
$150.00RV Premium Wash, apply chemical & scrub exterior to remove scum, rinse clean & hand dry.
RV Awning Clean
$50.00Roll out awning, hand scrub with awning safe cleaner, lightly rinse soap from awning.
RV Wash & Wax Package
$150.00RV Premium Wash, apply wax by hand, allow to haze over, remove excess product.
RV Exterior Clean-up Package
$225.00RV Wash & Wax Package plus RV Scum Removal.
RV Complete Exterior Detail Package
$300.00RV Exterior Clean-up Package plus buffing to bring exterior to a high luster, and tire & wheel shine.
RV Interior Vacuum
$35.00Vacuum all carpeted floors, seats, benches, and couches.
RV Interior Windows
$50.00Remove screens, apply cleaner to screens, rinse clean & dry screens, apply window cleaner to windows & mirrors, wipe with rag to remove debris, reinstall screens.
RV Kitchen Cleaning
$75.00Clean exterior of cupboards, sink, countertop, table, dishwasher, interior and exterior of microwave and refridgerator.
RV Carpet Cleaning
$100.00RV Interior Vacuum, pre-treat stained areas, shampoo all carpeted areas.
RV Interior Dust & Clean
$60.00Dust all walls, exposed shelves, fixtures, & furniture. Apply cleaner to soiled areas and wipe clean.
RV Bathroom Cleaning
$30.00Dust & Clean all areas of the bathroom exluding inside cabinet drawers.
RV Linen Cleaning
$30.00Remove all bedding, wash, dry and reinstall bedding. Remove all removable curtains, wash, dry and reinstall
RV Complete Interior Detail Package
$300.00Includes all Interior Services: Interior Windows, Interior Dust & Clean, Carpet, Kitchen, Bathroom & Linen Cleaning.
RV Complete Detail
$600.00RV Complete Interior & Exterior Detail Packages.
Winterizing R.V.
N/AFree quotes available