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Interior Vacuum    
$11.95Vacuum interior seats, floors, trunk(If emptied). *Add $5.00 for large vehicles.
Interior Windows
$8.95Spray window cleaner, remove debris from interior of window, rear view mirror, and visor   mirrors.
Interior Dusting
$11.95Dust dash, gauge cluster, radio area, heat vents, and center console. (No scrubbing, just wiping)
Interior Shine Package
$74.95Interior vacuum, interior windows, interior dusting, apply chemical and remove debris from door panels, seats, cup holders, dash, and ArmorAll dash *(By request only).
Interior Shampoo
$59.95Interior vacuum, shampoo interior seats, floor, headliner, and trunk. *Add $25 for large vehicles.
Complete Interior Detail
$129.95Interior shine package and interior shampoo package. *Add $25 for large vehicles.
Pet Hair Removal
$59.95Remove pet hair from floors, seats, in-between seats, under seats, headliner, doors, etc. *(Price per row)
Ionize Interior
$39.95Start vehicle, set climate controls in vehicle to circulate, set up ionizing machine, allow machine to run for one hour. *Additional hours add $25.00.