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Basic Wash
$16.95Rinse exterior of vehicle, apply soap, rinse soap, & squeegie dry(removes 80% of water).
Premium Wash
$22.95Same as Basic plus: hand dry vehicle and wipe out door jambs.
Deluxe Wash
$34.95Same as Premium plus: clean interior windows, wipe off dash & instrument cluster (speedometer area).
Deluxe Plus Vac Wash
$46.95Same as Deluxe plus: Interior Vacuum.
Exterior Windows
$7.95Spray window cleaner and remove debris from exterior windows.
Sap & Tar Removal
starting at
Apply chemical and scrub to remove sap and/or tar (dependent on severity).
Tire Shine
$11.95Pressure wash tires & rims, apply tire shine, & wipe off excess product.
Tire & Rim Detail
$59.95Pressure wash tires & rims, remove debris from rims, dry rims, apply polish to rims, apply tire shine & wipe off excess product.
Exterior Shine Package
$82.95Premium Wash, buff & polish exterior, apply wax, remove excess wax, & apply shine product.
Complete Exterior Detail
$119.95Exterior Shine Package, Tire & Rim Detail, & Engine Bay Steam Clean.
Rain-X Treatment
$10.00Clean glass, apply Rain-X product, allow to dry/haze over, remove excess product (Single Window). *Add $30.00 for all windows.
Windshield Repair
$24.95Clean glass, drill out area, install resin, wipe out excess resin. (Per chip)
Graphics Removal
$50.00Remove exterior graphics in various ways including pressure washer, rubber wheel device, chemicals or heat. (Per side)
Exterior Touch-up
$24.95Look up paint code, mix paint, clean surface, skillfully apply touch-up paint. *Add $9.95 per additional pannel.
Paintless Dent Removal
$49.00Clean panel, prep paint, heat metal, remove interior panels/obstacles, work dent out, re-install panels/obstacles (covers up to three dents in related area).
Engine Bay Steam Clean
$17.95Degrease engine, steam clean engine and bay, dry, & apply dressing.
Headlight Restoration
per set
Clean headlights, mask off painted areas, sand headlights, polish to high luster, remove masking tape.